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Horse Tattoos

Horses are widely considered to be one of the most breathtakingly stunning animals on the planet, whether its their beautiful muscular bodies, their flawlessly sleek coats or perhaps for their centuries of dedication as living breathing taxicabs.

Horse tattoos are high on the list for most popular animal tattoos, and these designs range from large extensive back piece artwork to small solo head tattoos.

Enjoy this nice picture gallery of excellent horse artwork ideas for both girls and guys alike, the hardest part is often choosing the colors, which is why we see so many in basic black and grey.

Horse TattoosBack piece with six portraits.

Horse TattoosFabulous black and white ink while raging on.

Horse TattoosStandalone head idea.

Horse TattoosStunning quality with big rose.

Horse TattoosPeeling art idea.

Horse TattoosHurdling through flesh ink.

Horse TattoosLovely artwork with two large and one small creations with wings and roses.


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